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Food Photography Masterclass:

“Storytelling Through Food Photography”

Planet Eat is a dedicated food channel, showcasing some of the best talent from up-and-coming chefs around the world, to professional masterclasses from leading culinary schools and high quality guides in food photography, styling, blogging and branding the chef – think food porn meets YouTube! It’s all your foodie needs, under one roof.

Kate has filmed a 10 part Masterclass Series on ‘Storytelling Through Food Photography‘. Here is an overview of what each episode covered with a link to the Planet Eat website where you can subscribe and watch the series.


#1 Food Photography Kit

In this Masterclass with Kate Kirkman you will receive an introduction to why Kate shoots on Sony Mirrorless cameras and uses Profoto lighting. You will also get an introduction on how she uses stands, tripods and light modifiers.

#2 Food Photography Styling

In this episode Kate is joined by London based food stylist Jennifer Joyce. Together they chat about the roles of food and prop styling  in food photography and give valuable tips on what works best for different styles of food stories.

#3 Lighting Basics

In this Masterclass you will learn the fundamentals of lighting: direction, quality, diffusion, reflections and the inverse square law. At the end of this episode you will also understand how using natural or artificial lighting will impact your food photography.

#4 Shaping Light

This episode will double as an Art History lesson as Kate talks about the history of chiaroscuro and how Renaissance painters influenced light shaping in photography. She demonstrates how to create painterly light with a homemade gobo/light box.

#5 Angle of View

In this episode Kate explains the most effective angles for photographing food. She demonstrates how to calculate the correct depth of field for overhead/flatlay photography. This class will help you assess which angle is best for your food story.

#6 Creative role of Aperture

Kate discusses using a wide aperture to drop foreground and backgrounds out of focus and draw attention to a specific part of the frame. You will also learn about the differences, and merits of, using long focal lengths versus macro lenses.

#7 Creative role of Shutter

Learn as Kate uses example images to clearly show the role of shutter speed in food photography. Used for freezing or blurring motion, these skills are valuable in creating interesting photographs and telling different stories.

#8 Composition & Placement

 Once again using elements of Art History, Kate will discuss how composition and placement work to control the viewers eye. Using examples she demonstrates how to successfully use points, lines and shapes in your food photography.

#9 Colour & Food

Colour is a key part of food photography and plays an important role capturing the eye of the viewer. In this Masterclass you will learn how to use the principles of complementary and analogous colours to produce effective results.

#10 A Food Story

To round off the Masterclass series Kate and Jennifer Joyce, bring together all the lessons from the series and discuss the styling and shooting concept behind an Asian food story.  Discussing how so many elements come together to create a food story. 


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